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Things to Do Within an Hour From Denver

Maybe you’re a Denver local looking to switch up your normal weekend plans, or perhaps you’re a visitor longing to experience everything Denver and the surrounding area has to offer. Wherever you’re from and whoever you are, there’s something in the Mile High City for you. If you want to go on a little adventure […]

12 Days of Christmas at EscapeWorks Denver

On the First Day of Christmas, EscapeWorks Gave to Me: We want to give back to our customers. So effective 12/12/18 We will be running our 12 days of Christmas Special.  Each day we will begin running multiple amazing deals ranging from free rooms, free gift cards, and 60% discounts.  Every day we will add […]

What Should I Bring on My Escape Room Adventure?

Everyone always talks about why you should go to an escape room and which places to try out, but after you’re finally convinced to go, no one talks about what you should do in or bring to an escape room. Luckily for you, escape rooms can be pretty low maintenance when it comes to your […]

Fall Fun in Downtown Denver!

There are so many reasons to celebrate the season of fall. The beauty autumn brings to nature is unmatched, people are gathered to celebrate holidays, romance is in the air, and there’s just a different feeling filling the air. With so much happening, taking some time to have some fun can be hard to remember, […]

Things to do for a An Awesome 16th Birthday

Sixteenth birthdays are a big deal, and they deserve a big celebratory bash! But not every family has the resources to organize an elaborate extravaganza, and that’s not what best suits most teens anyway. When you’re looking to have a unique, exciting sweet sixteen birthday party, Denver is one of the best places to find […]

A Denver Scavenger Hunt For The Ages

Whether it’s for a party or simply a way to have a bit of an adventure, scavenger hunts are a staple activity to bring some excitement to any day. But as the temperature drops and the weather makes being outdoors quite literally painful, the game becomes less of an exciting exploration and more of a […]

Egyptian Themed Puzzles

Calling all Indiana Joneses and Lara Crofts! The allure of the mystery and rituals surrounding ancient Egypt makes them the subject of many cinematic creations, literature, and even video games. Cue the Indiana Jones theme song. They give you the chance to experience at least a piece of the excitement alongside Dr. Jones and other […]

Team Puzzle Solving

Are you stuck in a rut? Are teammates or coworkers not getting along? Is conflict getting in the way of productiveness? Or is there a seemingly insurmountable roadblock keeping you from being successful? There’s a way to overcome all of these circumstances, and it’s by breaking the routine and prioritizing the improvement of your group […]

Fun Night Out

Nights spent on the couch eating junk food and binging on Netflix are fantastic. After a week of work, school, or parenting, staying in and lounging around usually sounds like heaven. But once in a while, a fun night out on the town is just what you need to shake the stress and anxieties of […]

Denver Bachelor Party: Give the Groom a Last Huzzah!

In a time when the conventional is thrown out the window, there’s no longer any room for the typical night out for your bachelor party. Nowadays, people want to celebrate their coming marriage with adventure and excitement off the beaten path. If you live in Denver, there’s a healthy pool of unique activities where you […]