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Making Family Activities a Priority

Listen, it can be hard to get a whole family to agree on doing one thing together for an extended period of time. With schedules that just get busier as we all get older, a lot of people just want to have time to themselves when they have a minute to breathe throughout the week. […]

Getting to Know Your Date in a Different Setting

After you move past the initial period of “getting to know you” dating, it’s time to consider a future with your partner, and in order to build a lasting relationship, you need to understand the way their personality is hardwired. The best way to get into the nitty-gritty parts of your date’s mind is by […]

Corporate Team Building Activities For 2019

Every office finds itself in a bit of a rut once in a while. But no matter what’s standing in the way of your employees’ and coworkers’ productivity, there’s a corporate team building activity that will snap everyone out of their funk and get them back into gear. And in additional good news, you don’t […]

Downtown Denver Activities

Nights and weekends spent at home are officially overrated. Why would you spend your time on the couch when there’s so much to experience right at your fingertips? There are so many downtown Denver activities that are yet to be discovered, whether you’re new in town or you’ve explored the city too many times to […]

Mind Training Games

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is the day or week when you feel a bit “off your game.” It’s as if your brain can’t function the way you need it to, and you’re dropping the ball left and right. You may need some mind training games to get you back on […]

Winter Fun in Denver

We’re in the midst of the winter season, and Christmas has come and gone, so now is the time when people lose their excitement for winter. Because of the cold weather, some believe there isn’t much to do until the temperatures rise again. Winter brings out a new side of Denver and you can explore […]

Our Casino Heist Escape Room

When Ocean’s Eleven came out in 2001, it sparked a nationwide fascination with casino heists, the elaborate schemes coordinated to execute them, and the dream teams that pull it all off. The swanky, stylish swagger of Ocean’s criminally-elite crew has seen many imitations over the following years, and now you have a chance to join […]

Things to Do Within an Hour From Denver

Maybe you’re a Denver local looking to switch up your normal weekend plans, or perhaps you’re a visitor longing to experience everything Denver and the surrounding area has to offer. Wherever you’re from and whoever you are, there’s something in the Mile High City for you. If you want to go on a little adventure […]

12 Days of Christmas at EscapeWorks Denver

On the First Day of Christmas, EscapeWorks Gave to Me: We want to give back to our customers. So effective 12/12/18 We will be running our 12 days of Christmas Special.  Each day we will begin running multiple amazing deals ranging from free rooms, free gift cards, and 60% discounts.  Every day we will add […]

What Should I Bring on My Escape Room Adventure?

Everyone always talks about why you should go to an escape room and which places to try out, but after you’re finally convinced to go, no one talks about what you should do in or bring to an escape room. Luckily for you, escape rooms can be pretty low maintenance when it comes to your […]