June 12

Am I Really Locked In A Room?

Am I Really Locked In A Room?

The idea of being locked in a room with no easy way out is both exciting and exhilarating, giving adventure-seekers from all walks of life an unparalleled challenge.

Escape rooms have taken the country by storm, providing an amazing activity for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette bashes, work events, and so much more. The concept is clear: groups of two to twelve participants are locked in a room full of puzzles, clues, and brain teasers with only 60 minutes to fight for freedom. With only 20% to 40% of participants making it out before time is gone, a successful escape is the ultimate goal.

As the door closes and the clock starts, however, one major question remains: am I really locked in a room?

Am I Really Locked In a Room?

The simple answer? Yes!

At EscapeWorks Denver, all of our escape rooms are really locked once the timer starts to count down, with no backup key or back door exit. We believe that physically locking participants into their rooms with no easy way out enhances the intensity and excitement that comes with an escape room, providing a pulse-pounding experience you can’t find anywhere else. With no choice but to solve the puzzle, our participants are dedicated to the task at hand, putting their heads together to try to find the way out before it’s too late.

Eager for a challenging adventure? Anxious about making it out on time? Good! That’s the fun of an escape room. But don’t worry – if a problem arises, you’ll be just fine.

A Focus on Safety

Our realistic escape rooms are designed to be a thrilling race against the clock, but that doesn’t mean we’d ever put our customers in harm’s way. Despite locked doors, we work tirelessly to create a safe, comfortable destination for everyone. If an emergency should arise or a customer chooses to end the game early, our doors will unlock and all participants will be able to exit immediately. Through a unique system of exit codes and non-stop video monitoring, our personnel is seconds away should an accident occur. You will never be in any danger while at EscapeWorks Denver and our staff is trained thoroughly to ensure all customer experiences are as unforgettable as possible.

Still inside after 60 minutes and worried you’ll be trapped forever? Don’t be. When time runs out, the doors will be unlocked and all players will be escorted out by a member of the EscapeWorks Denver team.

If intellectual stimulation, competitive spirit, and the ability to best your peers sound like a great way to spend an afternoon, you’re in the right place. With the heart-pounding, adrenaline-boosting power of escape rooms, you can put your skills to the test to come out on top. EscapeWorks Denver is the top facility of its kind in Colorado, providing regularly rotating themes, puzzles at numerous skill levels, and some of the biggest twists and surprises in the industry. Every visit provides a brand new opportunity to break free, offering unlimited fun for those ages 12 and up.

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The Reviews

  • review rating 5  Amazing escape room! I had a blast! The Casino Heist was one of the best I have participated in. Gen was an incredible host, super friendly and welcoming. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Janeese Brooks

    review rating 5  Went here as a small group recently and had a great time. Instructions from the staff were pretty clear at the beginning and helpful in their instructions in explaining how to try to solve the room. Trace was a great guide for this experience and would happily go again.

    thumb Nate Rogers
  • review rating 5  Came here for my birthday and it was a blast! Super nice people. We did the Casino Heist and it was definitely challenging but they did give us clues along the way. Can’t wait to go back!

    thumb Samantha Kendrick

    review rating 4  Went for a work function, we absolutely had fun but it was really hot in the room and different than i had expected. A big part of the escape was putting together numbers from different "hints". I don't regret going, but I'm not sure i would go again.

    thumb Sunshine S
  • review rating 5  My fiancee and I were vacationing in Denver and tried out the Egyptian Tomb with another group of 4. We escaped with 5 minutes to spare! Very good room layout and good props. Puzzles were challenging and rewarding once solved. I was not a huge fan of how they did the hints... usually you have 3 hints or whatever and you ask for a hint when you get stuck, instead they give you hints when they think you need it. Otherwise, our game master, Trace, was very helpful and personable. Overall, very satisfied with our experience!

    thumb Wes Cantrell

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