January 31
New Rooms

New Rooms Coming Soon: Can You Escape Them?

New Rooms Coming Soon

Everyone at EscapeWorks Denver believes in creating the best possible experience for our guests by providing rooms with a truly authentic feel. As you immerse yourself in the escape room scenario of your choice, you may find yourself thinking and acting as if it’s real. Our challenges are designed for everyone to enjoy but especially for those who genuinely appreciate the art of a puzzle. Each room holds many strategy and design elements to captivate you from start to finish. If you are looking for a unique experience, it is found at EscapeWorks.

Two new rooms/scenarios are on the horizon. Before we introduce what’s coming, a refresher on the three rooms we currently offer:

  • The Egyptian Tomb provides the experience of becoming entrapped in a crypt that hasn’t been entered since the 1940’s when a famous archeologist disappeared in the process of excavating it. You have 60 minutes to find out what happened to him and escape if you can.
  • In The Big Game room, the opposing team has locked you in the coach’s office to keep you from the Championship Game. As Denver’s professional star quarterback, you have 60 minutes to formulate a way out and lead your team to victory.
  • Last, but not least is the Casino Heist, where one of your partners in crime has sold you out to the cops. You have 60 minutes to get into the vault and make your final escape before you are caught by the police.

After the success of these rooms, we’ve been back to the drawing board and hard at work to give our guests more options and an updated appearance. We will be ready to launch two new rooms, Beyond the Flower Shop and Outbreak, in February of 2017.

  • Beyond the Flower Shop is set in the year 1926, where alcohol has been banned and speakeasys are everywhere. The mob is currently running the town, and shady deals are prevalent. You definitely don’t want to find yourself caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. As you enter the Flower Shop, you are left to wonder What have I gotten myself into?!
  • We created our Outbreak room for those who love scary apocalyptic thrillers. You are thrust into a world where a deadly virus has taken control, and you and your team might be the only ones left. You are hiding in an abandoned airtight research lab where the CDC has been working on a cure, but the oxygen is quickly running out. With only 60 minutes to create the antidote and vaccinate your entire group, will you find the way out of the lab?

Though both of our new rooms are set to open in February of 2017, Outbreak will be released first on the 17th and The Flower Shop will follow shortly after. Both rooms are designed specifically for team building and serve groups up to 12. Our entire facility can handle 50 or more.

Our attention to detail, creative strategies, and use of the latest technology have brought us the title of “The Best Escape Rooms in Denver.” Come enjoy our new rooms, and attempt to be one of the first to escape! To learn more about EscapeWorks Denver, contact us.



The Reviews

  • review rating 5  This was our very first Escape room we've ever done and it was the perfect choice. Both our guides were phenomenal! Energetic and you can clearly tell they enjoy what they do. We experienced the Egyptian Tomb and finished with 4:33 left on the clock. Next we did the Beyond the Flower Shop. We barely missed it but we had a blast. Will definitely be back!!!!

    thumb Kaitlin Bergann

    review rating 5  Lana and Sierra were great! We had a couple of people late and they made sure we all still had a great experience. The Egyptian room was great with thoughtful clues and was just the right difficulty for our group!

    thumb David McCormick
  • review rating 5  Troy and Tommy Bohan with my son Paul Garcia-Lance and myself had the best of times trying to get out of the Egyptian tomb. We were seconds away but fell short of solving the mystery and we’re buried alive. Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening and a special shout out to Taylor and Sierra who moderated our adventure ! We have to return for our group picture and another great adventure!

    thumb Susan Lance

    review rating 5  Troy and Tommy Bohan with my son Paul Garcia-Lance and myself had the best of times trying to get out of the Egyptian tomb. We were seconds away but fell short of solving the mystery and we’re buried alive. Thank you so much for an enjoyable evening and a special shout out to Taylor and Sierra who moderated our adventure ! We have to return for our group picture and another great adventure!

    thumb Susan Lance
  • review rating 5  My fiancee and I were vacationing in Denver and tried out the Egyptian Tomb with another group of 4. We escaped with 5 minutes to spare! Very good room layout and good props. Puzzles were challenging and rewarding once solved. I was not a huge fan of how they did the hints... usually you have 3 hints or whatever and you ask for a hint when you get stuck, instead they give you hints when they think you need it. Otherwise, our game master, Trace, was very helpful and personable. Overall, very satisfied with our experience!

    thumb Wes Cantrell

    review rating 5  So many fun choices, a super safe place with a super professional and kind staff. The room I did was so much fun and planned down to the millimeter. My whole crew had a blast. I highly recommend it. No wait no fuss, treat yourself

    thumb gusgusgeol
  • review rating 5  Came here for my birthday and it was a blast! Super nice people. We did the Casino Heist and it was definitely challenging but they did give us clues along the way. Can’t wait to go back!

    thumb Samantha Kendrick

    review rating 5  We had so much fun at the Casino Heist room today! Savannah was amazing. The team has created difficult challenges and drop hints that are just enough to move you forward. We can't wait to go back and try another room!

    thumb Annah Patterson
  • review rating 5  We do escape rooms a lot. We did the Egyptian themed room here and it was really fun! Great and unique puzzles. Some I’ve never seen before. Very clever! Selena and Taylor were awesome and Super friendly. Thank you. We will be back!!

    thumb semleon .

    review rating 5  My experience here was awesome! Neb was very knowledgeable and very informative. You can tell he really cares about the customers experience! Thank you guys so much for a great time. Juan the manager is awesome as well!!

    thumb Kristen Barnes
  • review rating 5  This was such a great place to go! It was our first escape room and they gave us a great experience! We will definitely be back to do other rooms! EVERYBODY should go here! They lock your phone and you have the key! Such a good friendly staff as well Jenn was such a great help!!! Overall a absoutly wonderful experience!

    thumb Nikki Schepp

    review rating 5  Emilia was fun, helpful and friendly. My husband and I were joined by a family to attempt an escape out of the Egyptian Tomb and unfortunately failed {if only we had 2 more minutes and we would have escaped!} but had a fun time and would definitely recommend!

    thumb Emily Smith
  • review rating 5  Juan was an absolute gem. We had such a great time. It was challenging, exciting, and a blast. Thanks again Juan for making our experience incredible, we will absolutely be back.

    thumb Claire Schultz

    review rating 5  Great price, staff is friendly. My friend and I had a blast and will definitely be coming back! Selina is an awesome game master! I highly recommend this activity!

    thumb Cheyenne Wetter
  • review rating 5  The staff were very helpful and fun people. We did the beyond the flower shop room theme which was designed well even for our large group of 12 people, but I could see all group sizes enjoying this room. I appreciate the attention to detail to the escape room and the challenges placed throughout. The experience was worth it for our team-bonding event, and I highly recommend this for all types of people. Thanks for all the fun!

    thumb Melissa Rausch

    review rating 5  One clue away from solving it all but still super fun. What a great puzzle and team building opportunity! Huge shout out to Juan- his help, humor, and support at EscapeWorks really made the night great. Thanks so much again!

    thumb Abigail Oglesby
  • review rating 5  EscapeWorks Denver was an amazing experience! We did a team outing for 2 large groups with our sales team and everyone came out so impressed. I had never done one but many in our group have, they all were at the conclusion that this was the best they have done so far! Great team building experience and very cost effective if on a budget. Savannah was awesome along with the staff that helped with our experience!

    thumb Chip Stahmer

    review rating 5  Went here as a small group recently and had a great time. Instructions from the staff were pretty clear at the beginning and helpful in their instructions in explaining how to try to solve the room. Trace was a great guide for this experience and would happily go again.

    thumb Nate Rogers
  • review rating 5  I rented beyond the flower shop room for my wedding party. We had a blast! The puzzles were challenging but fun. There was plenty of room for everyone to work on different puzzles at the same time. We got out with 2 minutes to spare. Shout out to Trace, he did a great job at only giving us hints when we needed it. I don't like it when they're too generous with the hints, takes the challenge out of the experience. This was my third escape room in Denver and I've used a different company each time. I would definitely come back here to try a different room.

    thumb M Hulsey

    review rating 5  Great escape room. Would highly recommend. Nice workers. Trace did an excellent job. Definitely plan on coming again. 👍

    thumb Holly Schmidt

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