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Understanding the Enneagram Types in an Escape Room

Understanding the Enneagram Types in an Escape Room

As the Enneagram skyrockets in popularity, the number of people wanting to understand the Enneagram types rises with it. And since escape rooms are the best way to learn people’s behavior under stress, we’ve researched how to spot each sign in a room or find out which type you identify with.

Type 1

Dubbed the “perfectionist” or “reformer,” this type excels at identifying and correcting errors. Ones love organization and order, so a chaotic escape room experience is a nightmare for them, and when they’re under unhealthy stress they become hypercritical of themselves and others. They chiefly value efficiency, so they’ll spend their time in the room working to ensure everything is running smoothly and everyone remains calm.

Type 2

Everyone needs a support system, and the “helper” type is your best bet for a ride-or-die. Especially under stressful circumstances like an escape room, twos love to encourage their teammates and do whatever it takes to help everyone succeed. This type is the person bouncing around the room and giving aid to anyone who is struggling, offering any advice they may have. Twos can become irritable and when they feel unappreciated for their efforts, but a simple “thank you” works wonders.

Type 3

Threes are a bit of an enigma. On one hand, they’re considered the ambitious Enneagram type with exceptional work ethic. However, they can also be skillful procrastinators and highly apathetic. Because of this, threes are either leading the charge with the one and eight, or they’re dawdling with the nine. Either way, they’re a good supplement to your team because they have the ability to either take the room seriously or just have fun.

Type 4

Enneagram fours are highly individualistic and want to be valued by their team. They are able to fit any role, and they work hard to ensure the success of those around them. However, they become volatile and unproductive if their efforts either don’t benefit their team or go unappreciated. Understanding this Enneagram type and their desire to be seen and appreciated can be your ticket to success in an escape room.

Type 5

As the intense, cerebral type, fives are typically one of the more independent people in the group. Especially in escape rooms requiring deeper thought and processing, Enneagram fives are highly efficient and priceless additions to your team. Their independence is an issue when stress causes the five to withdraw into themselves instead of playing the teamwork game. It’s typical of this type to be reluctant to share their thought processes or work with others, but once they break this barrier there’s no stopping them.

Type 6

Loyal sixes are phenomenal teammates who devoutly stick with you and the group, unwilling to break off because they understand teamwork is how you master efficiency. However, they may be the pessimists of the group because they can be caught up in their heads imagining how every scenario could go wrong. Once they can focus on the task at hand though, they can shoulder two teammates’ worth of work.

Type 7

Ever the scatterbrained type, the sevens are constantly moving around the escape room at hyperspeed, either solving multiple puzzles in the room at once or doing nothing at all. Like the three, they’re on one side of the pendulum or the other, and like the six it only takes a bit of focus for them to change the game. With the speed at which they move, when they’re on their game, your team will break escape room records.

Type 8

Enneagram type eights might be the easiest to spot. They will immediately assert themselves as a leader because they naturally resist being controlled, and because they know how to get things done. They may come off as abrasive, but it’s only because they want so badly to succeed. Understanding this Enneagram type’s drive and how it changes their behavior is the best way to work with them and follow their unstoppable lead to victory.

Type 9

The final Enneagram type’s behavior varies greatly based on their level of health and wings, so they’re a bit difficult to type. Nines are chameleons, but you can always detect the nines when they give away their go-with-the-flow, conflict-resistant nature. They might end up being the least concretely productive under pressure as they try to ease everyone else’s stress instead of solving the puzzles.

Are you ready to take your friends and family to an escape room? You might be surprised by their behavior, or maybe you knew all along! Book a night of fun and make certain to re-read this post, or check out the Enneagram Institute, before you set out to conquer an escape room to know how to best utilize the skills of the individuals in the locked room.

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